Typical bamboo bridge across the Sar Di River, Arunachal Pradesh

Crossing the Sar Di River, Arunachal Pradesh

Crossing the Sar Di River, Arunachal Pradesh

Crossing a typical bamboo bridge across the Sar Di River in a remote corner of Arunachal Pradesh. The Sar Di is a tributary of the Lohit River and flows down from the Himalayas on the Indo-Burmese border. The bridge was built by local hunters who frequent the lower reaches of the valley in search for game. During our short foray into this Himalayan wilderness we saw plenty of evidence of wildlife; leopard scat, deer and other animal tracks in the sandy beaches along the river.

The lower reaches of the Sar Di valley are covered with thick and impenetrable subtropical jungle. The trekking here is extremely difficult and would be impossible without the help of local guides who seem to know every tree, rock and bend in the river. There are no tracks here, only faint game trails, which if you will lose if you are not careful. We had to be wary not to lose sight of our nimble guides as we were constantly getting lost in the thick vegetation. We slithered down near vertical jungle slopes, balanced across precarious bridges, traversed cliffs and crawled across very exposed slippery slabs. One shower of rain could cause things to get very serious indeed.

Nikon D700, 24-70mm, f5.6 350, ISO 200

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