Panorama of Trishul (7120m) and Nanda Ghunti (6309m), Garhwal Himalaya

Trishul Panorama

Sunrise on Trishul (7120m) and Nanda Ghunti (6309m), Garhwal Himalaya (Click on the image for a larger version)

Sunrise on Trishul (7120m) and Nanda Ghunti (6309m) taken from a bugyal high above the village of Wan in the  Garhwal Himalaya. Click on the image for a larger version. Bedni and Ali bugyal are the grassy ridges in the bottom right of the photograph. Ghori Parvat (6708m) and Haathi Parvat (6727m) and be seen far in the distance on the left.

Here’s a little background on the trip and how I got this shot


Climbing up to the ridge from Wan

A steep climb up the ridge from the village of Wan had commanding views across the mountains and valleys. Bedni and Ali bugyals, seen to the left are covered with a fresh dusting of snow.

Waiting for the right light

Freezing our butts off waiting for the right light

This is the part you never see, photographers sitting around in the cold freezing their butts off waiting for the right light; which on many occasions doesn’t happen. This ridge was well over 3000m and I wasn’t coping very well with the altitude that day.

Camp in Garhwal

The photographer’s camp on the ridge. We got our water from the snow drift behind our tent.

We found a great sheltered campsite that had a convenient snow drift which provided us water for our meals and drinking water. We saw  plenty of Monal pheasant in the area and could hear their calls all morning. The Monal are very had to photograph as they are shy and fly very fast. You need a bazooka zoom lens that requires its own mule to cart around to get close enough.


Himalayan night time essentials – Old Monk Rum by the campfire

Dusk at camp. It was freezing but the Old Monk rum and the campfire kept the cold at bay. We had to be careful walking around here in the dark as the slope fell away very abruptly.

Amar Dev Singh

The photographer with Trishul and Nanda Ghunti in the background

I am not that fat, honestly, its all the layers I am wearing!


Trekking in Garhwal

Heading back down to civilisation

We followed the ridge back down to civilisation. We ended up taking a short cut which led us through thick jungle, terrifying cliffs and other experiences I don’t want to experience. Lesson of the day: if the locals don’t venture down a gully that looks like a convenient short cut then there is probably a good reason for it.



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