Aboard The Bilzzard

Sailing_0300 web 1000.jpgSailing_0045 web 1000.jpgSailing_0425 web 1000.jpgSailing_0810 web 1000.jpgSailing_0192 web 1000.jpgSailing_0039 web 1000.jpgSailing_0590 web 1000.jpgSailing_0318 web 1000.jpgSailing_0344 web 1000.jpgSailing_0076 web 1000.jpgSailing_0543 web 1000.jpgSailing_0227 web 1000.jpgSailing_0611 web 1000.jpgSailing_0665 web 1000.jpgSailing_0703 web 1000.jpgSailing_0806 web 1000.jpgSailing_0161 web 1000.jpg

My first blue water sailing trip from Sydney to Melbourne covering nearly 400 nautical miles. February 2011