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Kamchatka 2013

In June/ July 2013 I organised a 12 day trip to the volcanoes of Kamchatka to observe the live volcanoes of Tolbachik (3682m) and Shiveluch (3307m). Tolbachik had erupted in November of 2012 and had remained active ever since.
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Mt Wilhelm (4507m) , Papua New Guinea

In August 2001 I travelled on my own througn Papua New Guinea and this is my account of climbing Enduwa Kombuglu or Mt Wilhelm (4507m) , the highest peak in Oceania.
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Madagascar Coast to Coast Expedition

In May 2012, I was part of the Madagascar Coast to Coast Expedition, the world’s first expedition to cross the island on foot. During this expedition we trekked 400km from the Indian Ocean in the east to the Mozambique Channel in the west. We travelled through untracked primary rainforest, made hundreds of river crossings, waded through swamps, climbed mountains and made our way through untraveled valleys. We also made the first east to west ascent of the rarely visited Mt Maromokotro, the highest mountain on Madagascar at 2876 metres (9436 ft).
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Exploring the Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains

In April 2013 I went on a recce to explore the possibilities of finding new unexplored valleys in the wildest and most remote corner of the Himalayas: the Eastern Himalayas of Arunachal Pradesh. They are very rarely visited by outsiders as the region has been cut off due to political reasons. During the recce we visited the Galum and Sar Di river valleys, tributaries of the Lohit River, did a few short treks and gleaned whatever information we could from the locals of the area.

Volcanoes of Kamchatka

In 2009 I was sponsored by The North Face and Australian Geographic Outdoor on 250 km trek on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. The first section of the trek crossed the central group of volcanoes around Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the highest active volcano in Eurasia. Then we moved down to the southern group around the volcanoes of Mutnovsky and Gorely.

Chadar trek, Zanskar, Ladakh Himalaya

The Chardar trek is one of the most spectacular and cold treks that I have done. The trek follows the course of the Zanskar River through a narrow and steep gorge. During the trek you walk on the frozen surface of the river. The name 'Chadar' means sheet, which refers to the sheet of ice which covers the surface of the frozen river.

Kedarnath to Khatling trek, Garhwal Himalayas

In July 2007 I trekked from Kedarnath to Khatling in Garhwal (India) as part of the 2007 Trans Himalaya Expedition. We did this trek in the middle of the monsoon in terrible conditions and poor visibility. We didn't employ the services of a guide; rather we relied on a 90 year old map, Google Earth and a GPS. The trek turned into an epic adventure as we made up our own version of the route. We were lost in the mist for two days.
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Kuari Pass trek, Garhwal

In August 2007 I did the famous Kuari Pass trek, Garhwal in the Indian Himalaya. We did this trek in the monsoon and had to battle bad weather and leeches. I would recommend that you do this Spring or Autumn.
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Aboard The Blizzard

In February 2011 I went on my first blue water sailing trip from Sydney to Melbourne covering nearly 400 nautical miles.

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