Stars over the Grampians

The Milky Way from the Grampians

The Milky Way from the summit of Mt Stapylton, Grampians

Scott and I bivouacked on the summit of Mt Stapylton to photograph the stars. We scrambled up the Hollow Mountain – Mt Stapylton route late in the evening. Luckily I had done part of the route before so when it got dark I was able to navigate with ease. It was a warm and balmy night but the moon was up; so conditions weren’t fantastic for star photography. The moon was going to set at 2.45am. We had a few beers and took in the silence and view. At around midnight we went to sleep and set an alarm for 3am.

We woke at 3am to a pitch black night with an amazing view of the heavens. We could see the lights of Horsham and Ararat in the distance. The headlights of vehicles made their lonely way down the thread of the Western Highway. I set up my camera on a tripod to take an hour-long time lapse and got back into my sleeping bag. I will process that and post it soon.



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