Scrumptious meal in Kamchatka

Salmon Caviar

Caviar? Check. Potatoes? Check. Vodka? Check. We must be in Russia then.

We had some awful meals while on the trek in Kamchatka as our guide was a lousy cook. I dropped quite a few kilos the first time I visited. On the second trip I beefed up my supplies, quite literally, with lots of beef jerky to keep me fuelled. But one thing I can always count on is the food prepared at the place we stay in when we get back to civilisation in Elizovo on the outskirts of the capital Petropavlov-Kamchasky.

The hosts are a fantastic cooks and prepare the most amazing send off meals after the trek. This memorable dinner consisted of smoked salmon, caviar, potatoes, ferns, beetroot, pork shashliks, salad and lots of vodka. Na Zdorovie!


Roadhouse meal in Kamchatka

Roadhouse meal in Kamchatka

This was a simple but tasty meal we had at a roadhouse at the town of Milkovo on the drive up to the volcanos of Kamchatka. It consisted of beetroot salad, vegetable soup, beef  stew with mashed potato, bread and a sugary bun. Our guide said the menu here hadn’t changed in years and was typical soviet-era fare .

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