Trekking in Madagascar

Trekking in Madagascar

“Amar was a member of the Secret Compass team that completed the historic first foot crossing of Madagascar via the highest peak in May 2012. This was an ambitious expedition forging a new path through dense jungle and over high mountains and a real test of endurance. Amar was a critical member of the successful team. He has also worked with us planning expeditions in Arunachal Pradesh, Kamchatka and Myanmar and has a detailed understanding of the logistical, bureaucratic and safety elements that are vital to delivering successful expeditions.”

Tom Bodkin, Managing Director Secret Compass Expeditions

Photography in Kamchatka

Members of the 2013 Kamchatka Photography tour standing just below the crater of a live volcano

“Amar Dev Singh is a highly experienced adventure explorer and photographer. He has a keen eye and will make sure you see stuff well off the beaten track. With Amar you can truly say you’ve seen things few other people will ever get the chance to see, and what’s more you’ll have the photos to prove it.”

Sanj Maghera – Professional photographer, digital evangelist and creator of, Member of the 2013 Kamchatka Photography Tour

Hugh and Andrey

Hugh and Andrey trying to look composed as the lava approached

“Kamchatka must be on Mars or the Moon I recall thinking when I browsed through the images from the first trip that Amar made in 2009 and never dreamed that I would be tramping across the same lava fields, viewing the same landscapes. We travelled to some very remote areas and in many varied trucks fit for the task in hand. We had some reasonably difficult treks over various terrain and obstacles but were extremely well rewarded for our efforts with some fantastic images and a huge sense of achievement. ”

Hugh Griffin – IT Specialist (UK), Member of the 2013 Kamchatka Photography tour

Australian Adventure Film Festival, 2015

Australian Adventure Film Festival, 2015

“Amar presented and displayed his works at the 2015 Adventure Travel Film Festival. The feedback from our guests was overwhelmingly positive. He is a thoroughly good egg and we are currently working together on some exciting future projects.”

Rupert Shaw, Director – Adventure Travel Film Festival,

Crossing the Bimarivo river, Madagascar

Crossing the Bimarivo river, Madagascar

“I was fortunate enough to be part of the team that crossed the island of Madagascar from coast to coast and Amar was a great team member to have. He is extremely experienced when it comes to adventure and photography and it seemed like the outdoors, jungles, hills and mountains were his real home. The support he provided was very valuable and helped push us all through during tough parts of the epic expedition. I am so looking forward to join Amar on his next adventure!”

Mohamed Choucri (in the blue tshirt), Businessman (Egypt)