Nanda Kot (6861m), Kumaon Himalaya

Nanda Kot (6861m)

Nanda Kot (6861m), Kumaon Himalaya

Nanda Kot or “Nanda’s Fortress” and is the home of the of the Hindu Goddess Parvati.

The first attempt to climb Nanda Kot was made in 1905 by T.G. Longstaff, and the first successful ascent was made in 1936 by a Japanese team led by Y. Hotta.

In the 1960s, the CIA and Indian government planted a nuclear-powered a surveillance device on the top Nanda Kot to monitor Chinese nuclear and missile activity in Lop Nor, Tibet. An attempt to place a similar device on the nearby peak of Nanda Devi failed and the device was lost in an avalanche.

MS Kohil, the leader of the expedition wrote a book, Spies in the Himalayas: Secret Missions and Perilous Climbs, about the entire episode. More recently, Pete Takeda wrote a book, Eye on the Top of the World about this incident.

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