I wish summer was here


Snorkelling off Ben Boyd National Park, Australia

It’s unnerving the first time you take electronics into water. Everything you have learnt about cameras, phones and other electrical gadgets is that water is their worst enemy. While we are on the topic, be careful where you place your phone and glass of water by your bedside. A few months ago my phone alarm went off. I reached out with my eyes closed and felt around for my phone, switched it off and put it into my glass of water. Seconds later I was wide awake. I digress.

A couple of years ago, I tried out one of the Olympus Tough cameras. I thought it would be a good back up camera while I am out and about and the conditions get tough. It worked great underwater but I wasn’t very happy with the shots on terra frima. I should clean it up and give it another go. That reminds me, I must find the spare battery and charger. They are somewhere in that box everybody has, of redundant electronics, leads, foreign adapters, old mobile phones and what not.



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