Going aloft

Kabir going aloft on The Blizzard

Kabir going aloft on The Blizzard

Kabir going aloft aboard The Blizzard the  during our sailing adventure from Sydney to Melbourne with Jono from Alinthia Adventures. It was my first blue water sailing experience and had a fantastic time. I took lots of seasickness pills as I really didn’t want to spend the trip throwing up over the side.

Taking photographs aboard a yacht is an extremely difficult assignments as you have so much working against you. For starters the yacht is being thrown around in the waves and composing a shot under those conditions is very hard. My hands were covered in greasy sunscreen, one fingerprint on the lens and that would be it. The boom swings around and if you are not careful you can end up getting hurt so you have to be very aware of what’s going on around you. The moisture and spray from the waves, the salt water, not dropping your gear overboard, not throwing up from seasickness, etc etc etc You get the idea. Not the best environment to be shooting in.

Sailing_0300 web 1000.jpgSailing_0045 web 1000.jpgSailing_0425 web 1000.jpgSailing_0810 web 1000.jpgSailing_0192 web 1000.jpgSailing_0039 web 1000.jpgSailing_0590 web 1000.jpgSailing_0318 web 1000.jpgSailing_0344 web 1000.jpgSailing_0076 web 1000.jpgSailing_0543 web 1000.jpgSailing_0227 web 1000.jpgSailing_0611 web 1000.jpgSailing_0665 web 1000.jpgSailing_0703 web 1000.jpgSailing_0806 web 1000.jpgSailing_0161 web 1000.jpg

I am glad I had my weather sealed Nikon D700 with me on this trip and I managed to get some great shots. Here is the full gallery of images from that trip.

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