Photography exhibition at the Adventure Film Festival

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I held my first photography exhibition at this year’s Adventure Film Festival in Bright, Victoria. I had tried to contact the organisers back in November 2013 expressing my interest to be involved with the festival. Despite repeated attempts I didn’t hear back from them and I forgot about the entire thing. Then two days before the festival I got an email from them asking me if I was still interested and could put something together.


Midnight in the Land of Fire and Ice, Kamchatka

My hero shot: Midnight in the Land of Fire and Ice, Kamchatka


It was bit of a “Woah!” moment but I took up the challenge. This was an opportunity not to be missed. I took a few deep breaths and put on my Project Manager hat. I had all the raw material from my last trip to Kamchatka and I knew I could pull it off. I wasn’t putting together a fine art show, it was more of a narrative style exhibition so while I still had to produce quality work, I didn’t have to agonise over the prints.

It was then a manic 48 hours of final editing, printing, framing and then transporting everything up to Bright. Melbourne is fantastically set up to manage this kind of artistic emergency. Neither the printers nor the framers were phased by my requests; obviously they had seen it all before.


The exhibition was held at the local community hall at the Adventure Film Festival in Bright

The exhibition was held at the local community hall at the Adventure Film Festival in Bright

I got it all printed, framed and packed the car; family put their shoulder in and I couldn’t have done it without their support. It was fantastic to see all these photographs, so familliar on the computer screen, become objects in the real world. I am now inspired to refine some of them and take the time to print them on fine art paper stock to see how they come out.

We set out at sun rise and made it to the festival by 9am and had the photos hung in an hour or so. It was good to see them all hanging together in the space. It wasn’t the Louvre but the festival is a great opportunity to put my work before an audience interested in adventure travel.



I printed 20 photographs for the exhibition and managed to put the entire thing together in 48 hours

The exhibition was in the foyer of one of the buildings that held the screenings of the films so people stopped by before and after the films. I met a few interesting people including explorer and author Tim Cope. Tim has recently launched his book on his epic journey in the footsteps of Genghis Khan: On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads. He also expressed an interest in visiting Kamchatka.


Tim Cope

Explore and author Tim Cope dropped by to see my exhibition

We ended up having dinner at Tim’s place and had a wonderful evening watching a band Mozo. The Seattle-based duo were cycle touring around New Zealand and Australia carrying all their worldly possessions including their musical instruments on their bicycles!

All in all, it was a great experience. I broke new ground. Did something I have never done before. Met new people. And I look forward to doing it again. In fact, I will be as I will be presenting a session on adventure and travel photography at next year’s festival.

2014 is going to be the year of printing. I feel the need to bring the images that are sitting as zeros and ones on my hard drives as objects into the real world.

If these photographs fire you imagination why don’t you read about the 2014 Kamchatka Photography Trip or the Kamchatka Trekking Expedition.




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