I don’t normally take photographs of cats but when I do……………

Bandhavgarh National Park

Tiger in the grass, Bandhavgarh National Park

On a trip to Bandhavgarh National Park in India we went on an early morning drive through the jungle. We saw a lot of animals while on the drive, deer, monkey, peacock, pigs but no sign of a tiger. The driver then got a call on his cell phone that a tiger had been spotted nearby. He drove us to the spot and it was bit of a circus by the time we had got there. A fleet of cars had already pulled up and visitors were being ferried a short distance through the long grass on elephant-back to see the tigers. We almost turned around and left but then decided to go for the ride.

I paid my fee and climbed onto the back of the kneeling elephant. We crashed through the tall grass towards the middle of a large clearing. A large female tigress was laying fast asleep in the shade of a small tree completely oblivious to the commotion created by the elephants milling around her. She had obviously seen it all before. She was accompanied by two adolescent cubs who were having the time of their lives playfully stalking the domestic elephants and dashing through the grass chasing each other. They tumbled around in the grass and took gently swipes at each other like house cats.

You can see one of the adolescents crouched in the grass, staring right at me. Luckily I was safely perched on the back of an elephant.



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