Approaching Kurwaia Top, 3258m

Kurwaia Top

Approaching Kurwaia Top 3258m

Hiking through spring snow at 3200m to get a view of the Nanda Devi group in the Kumaon Himalayas. We set out from the village of Leti at 2200m and followed a shepherds track which ascended steeply to the high altitude pastures at around 3000m. A storm the night before had dumped a fresh batch of snow covering the grass with a fresh layer of dry powder. I saw over 30 Monal pheasant and a couple of Ghural on the steep slopes. The rododendrons were in full bloom: crimson, purple, mauve and cream.

The hike to the summit was 5 km long and gained 1100m in altitude so I was pretty winded by the time I got to the summit but the view was spectacular; one of the best panoramas I have ever seen of the Nanda Devi group. From Trishul in the west to the Nepal himalayas in the east. I will post a panorama of the view.

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